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Seller Agreement



            This contract has been drawn up and signed between EEM GROUP and your company name or write your own name on 17.09.2020 by mutually agreeing on all articles. With this contract, EEM GROUP (hereinafter referred to as the "COMPANY"), write your company name or your own name (hereinafter will be referred to as "CUSTOMER") to provide the services described below in detail on the terms and conditions specified. The parties accept and declare all obligations and responsibilities specified in this contract.

This contract imposes a number of rights and obligations on the parties, and when the parties accept this contract, they declare and accept that they will fulfill the mentioned rights and obligations in full and within the conditions requested in this contract.

 The COMPANY and the CUSTOMER will be referred to as the "Parties" and alone as "Parties".


COMPANY: Sularbaşı Mah. Belediye Sk. Selçuk Apt, No: 5 İç Kapı No: 2 Merkez / Sivas, registered to Kale Tax Office with tax number 7940682973 and EEM GROUP company with the e-mail address [email protected]

CLIENT: Write your address, resident at ………………… .. @ …………………………. Enter your company name or your name company / person with the e-mail address.


ARTICLE -2-SUBJECT AND DEFINITION OF THE CONTRACT: The subject of this Consultancy Service Contract is to provide consultancy service to the CUSTOMER regarding amazon sales services by the COMPANY.



3.1. The CUSTOMER accepts that he has given the information he is obliged to provide in a written form by the COMPANY in a correct and complete manner. It accepts to update and protect the account information and to inform the COMPANY immediately if any risk or gap is noticed regarding the account or services.

3.2. The CUSTOMER cannot sell or offer products or services against the law or morality under any circumstances. It cannot sell products that violate the privacy of third parties, infringe copyrights, misleading, propaganda purposes, glorify or insult any political party, team or race, group, or constitute a criminal offense in any way, and cannot request consultancy. If such a situation is detected, the CUSTOMER accepts and declares that the company has no responsibility. In the event of such a situation, the COMPANY has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without any compensation or repayment liability.


3.3. All services that the COMPANY will provide under this contract are covered by the consultancy service. The COMPANY is obliged to provide the services in this contract completely and in accordance with the contract. The parties accept and undertake that the COMPANY will have no responsibility in disputes arising with Amazon.com (including all other marketplaces) or with third parties, provided that the company has performed the services in accordance with the contract. The services to be provided are subject to a fee and if the payment is not made at the time and amount stipulated in the contract, the COMPANY will notify the CUSTOMER of the situation. The Parties agree that the COMPANY has the right to suspend the services provided within the scope of the contract if the payment is not made within 3 (three) days from the date of notification.

3.4.The COMPANY accepts and undertakes that all rights of the accounts that it will create within the scope of the services it will provide belong to the CUSTOMER and that it is obliged to provide consultancy services within the scope of this Agreement.

3.5. The COMPANY provides the services under the contract as a consultant; The CUSTOMER accepts and undertakes that he will not act as his personnel and will not benefit the COMPANY's account in this way.

 3.6. The CUSTOMER cannot sell, rent, make available to third parties, or publish the data provided to him on different sites or channels. In case such a situation is detected, the COMPANY reserves the right to take all legal remedies against the CUSTOMER. In such a case, the contract may be immediately terminated by the COMPANY without any repayment or compensation liability.

3.7. The CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes to submit their requests to the COMPANY via e-mail and / or the platform offered by the COMPANY.

3.8 The COMPANY will endeavor to fulfill its obligations subject to the consultancy contract in the best way. However, if the service provided is not found sufficient and / or correct by the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER agrees, declares and undertakes that it will not claim any material and / or moral compensation under any name and name except for the termination of the contract.

 3.9 The parties will not transfer their existing rights and obligations to third real and legal persons within the framework of this contract.



The COMPANY will convey its ideas, experiences and methods to the CUSTOMER within the framework of its knowledge. But The CUSTOMER is completely free to comply with or partially fulfill the information and ideas conveyed, and all kinds of responsibilities for these transactions belong to him.

The COMPANY is responsible for providing the services it has undertaken at the highest quality and without interruption.




With this contract, the COMPANY agrees and undertakes to provide the following services to the CUSTOMER.

5.1.Dropshipping Consultancy Service: The COMPANY agrees and undertakes to provide all daily routine and operational services to the CUSTOMER under the name of Amazon Consultancy Service, which are detailed below.

a) The CUSTOMER publishes the products of the CUSTOMER on the seller account registered with the COMPANY and activates it on the Amazon platform.

b) The COMPANY accepts and undertakes that it will tell the CUSTOMER all transactions (eg order sending, return receipt, stock update, sales increase techniques) by providing a live link to the CUSTOMER after the account is opened.

c) The COMPANY must apply all its knowledge and experience to the CUSTOMER's store through the expert assigned to the CUSTOMER within the Amazon Consulting Service.

d) The expert appointed by the COMPANY must answer the CUSTOMER's question about the store evaluation and plans between 10.00 and 20.00.

e) The COMPANY carries out the basic consultancy service in the first month on account opening, general product analysis and listing. The 2nd month aims to increase sales and increase earnings to the CUSTOMER's store with account health; It accepts and undertakes that the consultancy support will not be cut in the following months.

f) If the CUSTOMER fulfills all of its obligations and cannot gain 4000TL net income within 3 months, the entire consultancy fee will be refunded to the customer by the COMPANY within 3 working days.


6.1. In order to provide the services specified in the contract by the COMPANY in full, following the signing of the contract by the customer, the information and documents detailed below must be submitted to the COMPANY in writing. The parties acknowledge and undertake that the COMPANY will be obliged to provide the services within the scope of this contract on the date these information and documents are submitted. The proof that these information and documents have been submitted to the COMPANY belongs to the CUSTOMER.

a) CUSTOMER's credit card statement

b) CUSTOMER's passport document

The CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes to deliver the information and documents described above to the COMPANY as soon as possible after the contract is signed.

c) The CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes that the credit card must be open to international payments in order to maintain a healthy trade in Amazon marketplaces and that the card limit can meet the business volume of the account.

6.2. The CUSTOMER is obliged to put their products in the stock of the site.

a) The Company has to deal with the CUSTOMER's store regularly. The firm accepts and undertakes that it has to deal with the store for a minimum of 2 hours each working day.

b) CUSTOMER has to inform the COMPANY about the profit at the end of each month.

c) If the CUSTOMER account is suspended, the COMPANY must notify the situation within 2 business days at most. The COMPANY has to open an account to the customer in a different marketplace or to open an account in the same marketplace through a different person. The interval in between is not included in the 90-day sales guarantee.

d) CUSTOMER will receive A-Z store management support from the COMPANY.

e) The CUSTOMER can communicate with the expert assigned by the COMPANY between 10:00 and 20:00 as they wish.

f) The profit earned by the CUSTOMER will be calculated from the sales made and the balance in the Amazon account.

g) The CUSTOMER should not take their stores on vacation within the 90-day return period, and should not sell with a profit rate of 70% or more. If he takes his stores on vacation or wants to sell with a profit rate of over 70%, he agrees that the 2500 TL return guarantee will be delayed for the period in between.

h) If the monthly profit of the CUSTOMER is below the COMPANY's forecasts, the CUSTOMER agrees and undertakes to apply the methods explained and taught by the company.



Consultancy Service fee is 2.500 TL (Two Thousand Five Hundred Turkish Liras). All of this price will be paid to the COMPANY by the CUSTOMER. Payments will be in cash or in installments via the bank account number to be notified by the COMPANY or the link provided by the COMPANY. VAT and other taxes are included in the price.


 The CUSTOMER agrees, declares and undertakes to pay the service fees offered by the COMPANY through credit card, money order and other payment channels, depending on the package and option he chooses, and that he / she will not be able to benefit from the services provided by the COMPANY unless he / she makes this payment.


7.1. This contract will become effective when the CUSTOMER accepts and approves the contract. With the option, it is necessary to pay the amount specified in the 7th article of this contract within 2 business days. The COMPANY has an obligation not to provide any service in case one of the payments is delayed or not made and the payments have not been made within 3 (three) days following the written notice of this situation to the Customer.

In the event that the CUSTOMER fails to pay the price or fees due with this contract within the specified time, the COMPANY reserves the right to immediately cease its services under this contract and terminate the contract.

Paying the service fee to the COMPANY for the Consultancy Service by the CUSTOMER under this Contract means the acceptance of the work included in the work package. Apart from the payment, there will be no need for a separate approval for the acceptance of the work.

7.2. The CUSTOMER is responsible for paying the tax on the income obtained through Amazon. The COMPANY has no tax liability for CUSTOMER income. The COMPANY is only responsible for paying its own income to the country of operation and affiliated countries.


If the CUSTOMER does not use the consultancy service purchased under the specified conditions without notifying the COMPANY, no refund will be made.
If the CUSTOMER fulfills all its obligations and does not gain 4.000 TL net income within 3 months, the entire consultancy service fee received from the CUSTOMER will be returned to the CUSTOMER by the COMPANY within 3 working days.


Each party acknowledges that it is responsible for any loss, damage, compensation or other damage that occurs as a result of its or its employees' actions. Neither party is liable for any loss, damage, compensation or other damage caused as a result of the behavior of the other party or its employees. Joint and several liability will not be attributed to the parties.



This Agreement will enter into force on the date of ............... and if deemed necessary, the contract or termination may be made upon the written agreement of the Parties. The agreement is valid from the moment it is signed and will end when the parties fulfill all their obligations.



11.1. Rightful Termination

If one of the parties fails to fulfill or fails to fulfill the commitments and obligations contained in this Agreement and its annexes in the manner and conditions specified in the contract, if it is determined by the other Party that it is not possible to fulfill it, or acts contrary to the commitments contained in this Agreement and its annexes, the violated Party warns in writing that the relevant obligations are fulfilled. and will give 7 (seven) days to eliminate the contradictions. In the event that the obligations are not fulfilled and / or the violations are not remedied within this period, the breached Party shall immediately submit the Contract to any indemnification under any name. any damages and losses incurred by termination from the other party without making a payment.




All rights regarding the services to be provided within the scope of the contract belong to the CUSTOMER, and the COMPANY accepts and undertakes that in case the contract is terminated for any reason, the CUSTOMER cannot make any request regarding the services that the CUSTOMER has not received. The COMPANY also acknowledges and undertakes that they will deliver all kinds of information regarding the accounts to the CUSTOMER in writing immediately upon the CUSTOMER's first request and in any case on the termination date of the contract, and that no action will be taken against the CUSTOMER.


Not under the control of the parties; If the obligations arising from the contract become unacceptable by the parties due to reasons such as epidemics, natural disasters, fire, explosions, civil war, wars, popular movements, declaration of mobilization, strike, lockout, the parties will not be held responsible for this. During this period, the rights and obligations of the parties arising from this contract will be suspended, and the periods of fulfillment of the obligations will be extended by the period in which the mentioned events are valid.

In case of existence of any of the situations considered as force majeure, the party affected by the force majeure will certify the existence of this situation. In the event that the force majeure situation lasts more than 1 (one) month, the Contract may be terminated by any of the Parties.


During the term of this contract and even if the contract expires, the parties will learn about the other party during the execution of this contract, visual, verbal, electronic or written transactions, and the transactions, activities, financial situations, internal processes, customer portfolio, marketing methods. and trade secrets, financial data, agreements and other documents will be kept confidential, will not disclose to third parties unless there is a legal obligation, and will not share this information anywhere.and they commit. The confidentiality commitment is valid for the subject and / or the person to whom the document is transmitted. Managing person and / or persons working in one of the parties cannot be held responsible for the subject and / or document that is not communicated to them or is not accessible to them. Confidentiality commitments of the parties are valid for the duration of the contract and for 3 years following the expiry date of the contract. Confidentiality does not prevent the company from working with other persons and organizations on the same subject, provided that the data of the COMPANY are protected. By signing this contract, the parties are deemed to have accepted the privacy policy.


Notification addresses of the parties are the addresses specified in ARTICLE 1. The parties are required to notify the other party in writing within 7 (seven) days following the change in the address of the address change, otherwise the notification made to the old address will be deemed valid and any damage and liability arising from this will belong to the party who does not notify the address change or notifies it late.






In case of disputes, they first try to solve their problems within the framework of goodwill rules. Republic of Turkey in the resolution of all disputes arising under this agreement shall be valid laws and regulations. If the problems are not resolved, Sivas Courthouses are authorized.


The matters contained in this Agreement cannot be changed unless a mutual, written and signed text is arranged between the Parties.



The COMPANY cannot transfer its commitments arising from this Agreement, partially or completely, to someone else. It is possible for the COMPANY to assign any receivables arising from this Agreement upon the prior written consent of the CUSTOMER.


This contract has been read and signed by the parties on 17.09.2020, in 1 (one) copy, consisting of 19 (nineteen) articles and 7 (seven) pages, before signing by the parties, mutually agreeing on all provisions. This contract will be effective as of the date it is accepted and signed.



   On behalf of the COMPANY; EEM GROUP LLC


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